The Agrivolt solution

to eliminate stray voltages.

It’s simple!

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offers solutions for monitoring your electrical network. By detecting electrical faults that can cause stray voltages. These solutions offer continuous monitoring as well as rapid notification to guide you to the right response.
Rapid detection of electrical faults helps prevent stress
unwanted and discomfort within your herd.



The Agrivolt system

is a modular system whose function is to neutralize return currents at 60 Hz from external sources
and internal to the livestock building. The system cancels parasitic currents by injecting a reverse current of 180 ° in opposition
aware that goes to the earth. The best example of this principle of operation would be that of headphones with the cancellation of ambient noise.

The Agrivolt system adapts to the configuration of all power grids in North America and all types of livestock buildings.


Anti-Shock is designed to minimize leakage currents from an electrified controller, whether you use it with a back blocker, electrified gate, or feed cart. It reduces the negative impact on the performance of the herd.

The design of this solution is in line with the need to maintain a quality electric wave in the presence of a breeding herd.

The principle of operation of the Shockproof is simple. It detects the presence of contact with the ground and interrupts the pulse after 10 seconds.
This eliminates the presence of an electrified conductor at all times in the production environment.

An electrical pulse is only generated when the animal comes in contact with the electrified circuit. By limiting the duration of this pulse to 10 seconds, we increase animal comfort while significantly reducing stress on animals.


Electronic interference issues?

Problems with your electronic weighing and identification systems?

Agrivolt has designed a complete range of Filters for livestock farms
to control all sources of electronic noise.
These main sources are: variable speed drives,
electronic ventilation, electronic ballast lighting, rheostats, electric fences among others. This equipment is widely used on a livestock farm. The problem, on the electrical side, is that part of their leakage current uses the animal environment by circulating through the network of earthings and ground continuity.

By their nature, medium frequency generators must be treated at the source. Agrivolt Filters, like EMI Filters, protect
motors, eliminate the problems of electro-incompatibility between the equipment but in addition, they prevent an excessive amount of current flowing on the grounding and ground continuity network and affecting the performance of the herd.

Some large and renowned manufacturers integrate our filters directly into their products.

Agrivolt filters will suit applications ranging from 10 to 136 amps. Get informed!