Second generation electrician, and the third is in training.

Corporation of Master Electricians of Quebec

RBQ: 5589-7151-01

A dynamic, professional and productive team in each of our positions.

Rca Électrique having understood that the strength of a company is its workforce, we make sure that all our employees have the required training.

about us

Robert Chevrier


An electrician for over 40 years, Robert Chervier has acquired a great deal of experience in James Bay. Then, on its return, RCA Électrique inc was created in 2008. Well established in farms in Quebec, its know-how and reputation are well established. Our vision is to always prioritize the importance of the customer before the profits. This allowed him to become the leader as an agricultural, commercial and residential electrician.


Dominique Belval

Vice president

Involved for over 10 years with Rca Électrique, Dominique is constantly looking for ways to optimize our purchasing and management power.


Our Team

Véronique ponton



Poste 221

Robert Bourget

Parts manager


Poste 234

Jonathan Laplante

Digital development

514 652-5967

Carole Chevrier

Administrative assistant
Post 231

André Beaudry

Safety project manager